Why You Should Choose Alamo And Otoole as Your Personal Injury Attorneys?

Accidents happen. Mistakes happen. When a person is injured in an accident or because of a mistake, the consequences can be immediate or long term. They can be severe and possibly even life changing. A personal injury can be physical, psychological, or economical. Personal injuries have the capability of affecting various aspects of the life of a victim. These aspects could include work life, relationships, the ability to care for oneself, and general quality of life. Having a capable attorney, like those at Alamo and OToole is important in personal injury cases, as far too often those that settle without proper representation do not receive their maximum possible settlement.

The bike accident attorneys at Rizk Law are greatly dedicated to obtaining the best possible results for their injured clients. They have successfully represented those clients in boat, truck, motorcycle, and car accidents. In addition to slip and fall incidents and even personal injuries that have occurred at theme parks.

As part of its services, the personal injury lawyers at Alamo and OToole provide immediate assistance to its clients. The personal injury department, with locations in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Palm Beach, will challenge the big insurance companies and fight for your rights from injury to trial, if necessary. Our accident and injury attorneys have the reputation for being aggressive and forcing the insurance companies to honor their contractual duty to pay their clients for personal injuries covered by the insurance policies.

The most common type of personal injury that requires the assistance of a competent attorney is a car accident. An injury resulting from an auto accident may be as simple as minor neck or back injury commonly known as whiplash, severe as a debilitating spinal or brain injury, or as devastating as the wrongful death of a loved one. The victim or their families may be entitled to recover compensation for pain, suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses.

If the auto accident was caused by the negligence of another person, even if the victim left the scene of the accident, the attorneys at Alamo and OToole can help. Once contacted, the personal injury department has the resources and staff to assist with the immediate needs of a victim. Such needs may include car repairs, car rental, insurance claims, and finding a doctor or specialist to evaluate and treat injuries. This way the injured client can focus on more important matters, such as their family and recovery from the personal injury.

After a claim is made, the firm will deal directly with the insurance company, so the client will not have to. In their experience, the personal injury attorneys of Alamo and OToole have found that clients prefer to receive compensation as quickly as possible. Therefore, the strategy of the personal injury department is to settle their clients claims for top dollar immediately rather than allowing the defense to drag out the claims. Alamo and OToole has settled over 95 percent of its personal injury cases without any litigation or trial so that the client can move forward quickly with recovery without worrying about financial pressures resulting from the personal injury.

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