Accutane and Women

Accutane is a medication which is typically used for the treatment of severe acne. This medication is usually prescribed as a last resort when other acne medications have proven to be ineffective for the patient. Though this medication is prescribed to many, many patients, it is not always safe to take. Women who are pregnant should never take Accutane, as it can cause serious, life threatening birth defects.

Birth Defects

Birth defects caused by Accutane include problems with the baby’s eyes, ears or brain. The heart, skull, face and head of the baby can also be deformed or affected in some way by as a side effect of the drug. These birth defects may occur after just one dose of Accutane.

Serious Side Effects

Birth defects are not the only side effect associated with Accutane. Other side effects include Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s disease. These side effects may occur in both men and women. Other serious or life threatening side effects include inflammatory bowel disease, liver failure, suicidal contemplation and gastrointestinal disorders. These are serious conditions that require you to seek immediate medical help.

Medium Side Effects

There are other harmful side effects which are not as severe that result from the consumption of Accutane. These include acne problems, dry skin, thinning hair, headache and fatigue. Some women also experience impetigo, muscle pain, menstrual problems, brittle nails and sensitivity to sunlight.

Medical and Legal Options

These problems can become severe and any reaction to the medication should be immediately reported to a doctor. If you experience these side effects, you should discontinue use of the Accutane immediately and seek help from a medical professional. Since many women have experienced these harmful side effects, they have been prompted to seek legal assistance for an Accutane lawsuit. These lawsuits are intended to cover the costs of the expenses and pain and suffering caused by the medication. For more Click here.

Though Accutane is prescribed to thousands of patients per year, this drug can cause serious harm to patients who are simply trying to get clearer skin. If you have taken Accutane and have experienced these harmful side effects, you should seek help now to recover both your health and your well being.

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