How to Get Help for a Birth Injury Lawsuit?

The birth of your child should be cause for celebration, not heartache and fear. Due to their size and the nature of their young bodies, infants are can easily be injured and the birth process must be carefully monitored. The attending medical professionals ready to act quickly to protect the lives and future of both mother and child. Medical professionals receive extensive training in order to minimize the potential for injury during the birth process. Despite this extensive training, sometimes accidents happen and in some of these injuries, the physician, nurse, anesthesiologist or other personnel are responsible or contributed to the injury . If you or your baby was injured during the birth process it is very important that you seek the guidance of a personal injury attorney immediately.

When you or a loved one enters into a hospital to have a child, the safety of the mother and her child should be the primary concern. There is an expected level of care and when this is not provided, the negligent party has breached their duty to the patient. There are a number of possible injuries that can occur during birth. Facial paralysis is a common injury caused by placing excessive pressure on the child’s face during birth, bruising and in some cases tearing facial nerves. Another common birth injury is a brachial plexus injury. This injury can result when the nerves at the shoulder are damaged during the birthing process. The nerves in the child’s arm and should could stretch and tear resulting in permanent damage. Lack of oxygen to the child’s brain when the infant is in distress and fast action is not undertaken, can result in cerebral palsy, which will affect the child for the rest their lives.

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