Juvenile Battery Trinity Florida

Most people living any where in the US have heard about teenagers who post their “crimes” on Facebook or YouTube and then get caught. (And in a Criminal defense attorney‘s experience, I’ve seen plenty of “adults” do the same thing and get caught!)

Today’s St. Petersburg Times posted an article about the recent battery charges against some Mitchell High School girls who hit a girl on the bus, videoed it with their cell phone, then posted it online. Wasn’t really that hard for the police to find them, which is good because in Pasco, if they can’t shoot the fish in barrel, they give up. (Think the robbery of the Payless Shoe Store at 9:30 in the morning)

So the mother of the victim and the victim are in the paper, AGAIN, expressing their disbelief that the girls have pleaded NOT GUILTY.  First of all, this mother and her daughter have been in the paper several times and on the news. Clearly, they’re waiting to file a lawsuit against SOMEONE, but know they have to wait until the girls are convicted. (note that the comments from readers underneath the news story mention a law suit several times.) Lakeland criminal lawyer will give you the best result of this type case.

Secondly, in every criminal case, the first court appearance merely tells a Defendant what he or she is charged with and allows the Defendant to plead either guilty or not guilty.  Any halfway smart defendant, or anyone represented by an attorney, will ALWAYS PLEAD NOT GUILTY. Otherwise they are not entitled to seeing any of the evidence against them, like the police report or witness statement. It’s the way the system in AMERICA works. If this mother and her “victim” daughter want them to immediately be found guilty of the crime, with no presentation of evidence and witnesses, then perhaps they should move to Iraq.

Thirdly, because the “victim” in this case has made such a big deal out of this “crime”, an otherwise minor juvenile crime, which normally would be handled without any appearances in court, has become a giant waste of our tax dollars. Everyone is going to court, the press is there, it takes the judge twice as long to do anything because he wants to make a perfectly clear record in case of appeal. It’s a giant circus for a simple battery charge.

Let’s face it, everyone has a horror story from high school. And everyone did something in high school that wasn’t right, or they certainly wouldn’t do as an adult. Which is why there is a juvenile system in Florida, to allow children to accept responsibility for their mistakes but not wreck their lives with criminal convictions. I am not advocating what those girls did, I’m merely saying that the conduct of the victim, in going to the press with her woes, is somewhat suspect.

Florida juvenile sex offenders

We have all heard stories of young men, and occasionally women, being prosecuted for sexual relationships that are consensual and occur among their peers in high school. It usually happens when the parents of the younger person insist on prosecution. For example, a senior in high school, who happens to have turned 18, has a sexual relationship with a freshman who happens to be 14. This is a felony in Florida and would require the 18 year old to register as a sex offender if he or she were convicted.

Interestingly, the way the sex offender and sexual predator laws are written in Florida, a child 14 and younger is not required to register as a sex offender or sexual predator if they are “convicted” of a sex related offense. Anyone over 14 is, unless, of course, the Court “withholds adjudication” which means there is no “formal” finding of guilt and therefore no conviction. (I am regularly asked whether or not these “withholds” show on a background check, and the answer is:  it depends on what kind of background check and who is doing it. Because the circumstances of all cases are different, as are the reasons behind background checks, call me if you have a question.)

The Tampa Bay Times reported today a case of an 18 year old high school senior who was having a sexual relationship with another 15 year old freshman. They are both girls. Because the older girl is 18, she is being charged as an adult with lewd and lascivious molestation of the younger 15 year old. Why? Because 15 years old’s, according to the law, can’t consent. AND, because the 15 year old’s parents had a fit when they learned of the relationship and persuaded the police and State Attorney’s Office to prosecute. The State is now offering the older girl a plea deal of 2 years of house arrest and one year of probation. But she’d have to register as a sex offender which would clearly affect her housing choices for the rest of her life. (I personally think she has a great trial case, but I’m hoping her Brian Gabriel, a West Palm Beach sex crimes lawyer does too.)

When legal pundits and CNN talk about issues like this, they are forever crying about the “legislative intent” behind a law. If one were to discuss the “legislative intent” behind the law requiring convicts to register as sex offenders, I’m not sure the legislature could have contemplated a case such as this. According to the newspaper and her parents Facebook page, their 18 year old daughter Kaitlyn was a model student and athlete, headed to college to be a nurse. According to the same source, the girlfriend admits the relationship was entirely consensual and she was never pressured into the sexual relationship. The Kaitlyn’s parents have started a petition, with 14,000 signatures already, in an attempt to pressure the State into dropping the charges against Kaitlyn. By all accounts, her case seems unfair. But that’s what happens when a law in enacted that provides for no judicial or prosecutorial discretion.

Juvenile Car Burglaries

One of the most common juvenile crimes that I see are juvenile car burglaries.  These frequently happen in neighborhoods where kids may be walking around at night and trying to open up unlocked cars looking for loose change or cigarettes. Kids call this crime CAR HOPPING. Usually these types of crimes are harmless and the kids who do this certainly don’t think it is a big deal. The cars are unlocked so there is no damage and they rarely take factory installed items like stereos or speakers. But sometimes, the innocent search of change in an unlocked car might reveal a computer, Ipad, cell phone, GPS, or worse yet – a gun. This is when the owners of the property will report the theft, otherwise, they probably would not notice some missing change. Although you and I might not think this is the crime of the year, car burglaries – legally called Burglary of an unoccupied conveyance – is a third degree felony – punishable by up to 5 years in PRISON if the child is charged as an adult. Parents frequently say to DUI attorney – “But he only took less than a dollar in change!” I know, however it doesn’t matter the amount or what was taken, the point is that the child went into someone else’s property, without permission, and committed a theft. (Burglary is legally defined as entering and committing any crime, not just theft) And if the child enters the car, and someone is stupid enough to leave their personal gun in the car, and he takes that gun, the third degree felony becomes an armed burglary, which is punishable by LIFE.

So unless something of value is taken from the car, many car burglaries go unreported. And even when the car burglary is reported, it is often difficult for the police to catch anyone. So how do the police catch the kids?  Fingerprints.  Usually, or I would hope, when a victim calls the police on a car burglary, someone should come take a report, and usually some forensic person will come take prints of the inside and outside of the car. (This is what usually happens in the cases I have handled, although I have talked to plenty of victims who say that neither a police officer or a forensic examiner ever came to the home to take a report) But if there are fingerprints that can be retrieved, and they don’t match the homeowner or any occupant sof the car, AND if the thief’s fingerprints are on file – then usually the police can make an arrest. Contact Car accident lawyer in Michigan if you are in a car accident.

But here’s the interesting part – just because the police matched the fingerprints to someone, and that person did not have permission to be in the car, and there are things missing from the car – FINGERPRINTS alone are not enough to get a conviction on a burglary charge. Why not?  Because unless there is some way to prove that those prints were put there at the time the theft occurred (or obviously unless there aren’t’ any witness, co-defendant snitching, or other evidence) there is REASONABLE DOUBT as to when those prints got on or in the car.

In a recent Second DCA case out of Tampa, FL, a juvenile was arrested and ultimately went to trial on a burglary in a car. The only direct evidence the State presented at trial were the juvenile’s fingerprints found on a newspaper inside of the car. There was no evidence of when or where or how that newspaper got into the car, and thus no way to prove that the prints on the newspaper were put there while the paper was in the car. Obviously the prints could have been on the newspaper before it was in the car. Maybe the kid was the newspaper delivery boy, or he otherwise touched the paper at another time. So because there was no way of proving when the fingerprints were put on the newspaper, the appellate court said there was not enough evidence to convict the child of burglary.

Austin motorcycle accident lawyer talks to many parents about crimes like these and one of the worst things you, as a parent, can do when your child is being, or about to be, questioned by the police, is agree to it, let the police into his or her room to search it, and tell your child to “just tell the truth”. I am NOT advocating lying. I am merely telling you, as a parent, that although you are 100% certain there is nothing illegal in the child’s room, or that he or she definitely wouldn’t commit a crime like this – on the rare chance that you are wrong, the consequences are irreversible. Trust me. So, even if you are right, and I hope that you are, don’t let the police into his bedroom to search. There may be something else in there! Call me. I routinely answer questions for parents about their rights and the rights of their children  – for free. And if you find yourself in a position where you didn’t follow the above advice, call me.

Accutane and Women

Accutane is a medication which is typically used for the treatment of severe acne. This medication is usually prescribed as a last resort when other acne medications have proven to be ineffective for the patient. Though this medication is prescribed to many, many patients, it is not always safe to take. Women who are pregnant should never take Accutane, as it can cause serious, life threatening birth defects.

Birth Defects

Birth defects caused by Accutane include problems with the baby’s eyes, ears or brain. The heart, skull, face and head of the baby can also be deformed or affected in some way by as a side effect of the drug. These birth defects may occur after just one dose of Accutane.

Serious Side Effects

Birth defects are not the only side effect associated with Accutane. Other side effects include Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s disease. These side effects may occur in both men and women. Other serious or life threatening side effects include inflammatory bowel disease, liver failure, suicidal contemplation and gastrointestinal disorders. These are serious conditions that require you to seek immediate medical help.

Medium Side Effects

There are other harmful side effects which are not as severe that result from the consumption of Accutane. These include acne problems, dry skin, thinning hair, headache and fatigue. Some women also experience impetigo, muscle pain, menstrual problems, brittle nails and sensitivity to sunlight.

Medical and Legal Options

These problems can become severe and any reaction to the medication should be immediately reported to a doctor. If you experience these side effects, you should discontinue use of the Accutane immediately and seek help from a medical professional. Since many women have experienced these harmful side effects, they have been prompted to seek legal assistance for an Accutane lawsuit. These lawsuits are intended to cover the costs of the expenses and pain and suffering caused by the medication. For more Click here.

Though Accutane is prescribed to thousands of patients per year, this drug can cause serious harm to patients who are simply trying to get clearer skin. If you have taken Accutane and have experienced these harmful side effects, you should seek help now to recover both your health and your well being.

Accutane Lawyers

Alabama Accutane Lawyer

Accutane (isotretinoin), a Vitamin A synthetic drug, was prescribed beginning in 1982 for severe acne problems. The FDA approved the drug, which seemed to offer good results in treating problem acne, and sales were high for some time. In spite of FDA approval, however, a warning was issued after it became apparent that some serious side effects might be experienced while using the drug, including liver malfunction, skin problems, heightened blood fat levels, and severe birth defects and miscarriages.

Alaska Accutane Lawyer

Accutane has been marketed as a drug that would eliminate severe acne and unwanted blemishes on both children and adults. The immediate effects on the skin have proven to be very quick and effective in improving oil removing antibodies in the skin and clearing up once infected skin areas of the body.

However, most users of this drug have seen an immense amount of side effects that were not documented by the company when purchased. These side effects have led many to seek out legal representation to bring about lawsuits against the maker of Accutane, Hoffman-LaRoche.

Arizona Accutane Lawyer

Accutane is a synthetic drug used in the treatment of severe acne. The effects on the skin proved to be very quick and effective in clearing the skin of unwanted blemishes. Most patients, however, have brought about lawsuits due to the lack of clarification by the maker of the drug regarding side effects. There is a limited period of time in which to bring a lawsuit against Accutane within the state of Arizona. This time period, in accordance with the laws of each state, is referred to as a “statute of limitations”.

Arkansas Accutane Lawyer

Accutane is a prescription medication that has been known to eliminate severe acne and blemishes for every age group. The effects have been rapid and quite potent in improving the human skin to release antibodies to fight the buildup of oil on the skin’s infected surface. However, most users who have seen excellent results have also been susceptible to an array of debilitating side effects that were not released in documentation by the makers of Accutane at the time the drug was prescribed.


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  • Los Angeles
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Colorado Accutane Lawyer

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Accutane Litigation in these Cities and Others:

  • Denver
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Connecticut Accutane Lawyer

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Florida Accutane Lawyer

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Georgia Accutane Lawyer

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Hawaii Accutane Lawyer

Accutane has often been prescribed to individual sufferers of extreme cases of acne. Physicians used Accutane in chemotherapy treatments prior to it being used for acne breakouts. Hoffman-LaRoche, the popular producer of Accutane, posted $1.2 billion in sales annually from the popular drug.

Idaho Accutane Laywer

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Illinois Accutane Lawyer

Accutane is a prescription medication used to alleviate symptoms of severe acne. The drug was once used in chemotherapy treatments before being used to treat acne. The popular drug was developed by Hoffman La Roche. Accutane created $1.2 billion of revenue per year at its height of sales.

Indiana Accutane Lawyer

Accutane is a Vitamin A derivative used to treat the most extreme cases of acne. Doctors prescribe it to individuals who have tried lesser, ineffective treatments. Accutane is an oil gland inhibitor that diminishes oil in the skin, curing acne. Accutane is an amazingly effective medicine, clearing up the most especially atrocious cases of acne in a matter of three to six months, improving the self-esteem, social lives, and health of patients who use it. Once the acne is gone, the patient ceases to take Accutane, and in virtually every case, it never reappears.

Iowa Accutane Lawyer

Accutane (isotretinoin) was released to the public in 1982. The drug was prescribed for treatment of acne and FDA approved. However, a warning was issued after serious side effects were reported as a result of using Accutane, including dry skin, liver problems, blood fat level fluctuations, and birth defects. In 2009, the manufacturer ceased production of Accutane, citing competiton from generic brands. There have been various attempts to recover damages from the manufacturer due to the alleged side effects of the drug.

Kansas Accutane Lawyer

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Kentucky Accutane Lawyer

Accutane is the trade name under which the pharmaceutical company Hoffman-LaRoche marketed the prescription acne medication Isotretinoin from 1982 through 2009. While Accutane has proven extremely effective as a treatment for severe disfiguring acne, it has been linked to a huge array of adverse reactions – one of the three highest numbers of negative side effects for any drug on record.

Louisiana Accutane Lawyer

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Maryland Accutane Lawyer

Physicians often prescribe Accutane to patients who suffer from extreme cases of acne. Acne may be classified as pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. The popular drug Accutane was previously used for cancer patient’s chemotherapy treatments. Hoffman La Roche produces Accutane and each year, posts $1.2 billion in sales from this product alone.

Massachusetts Accutane Lawyer

Accutane is often prescribed to chronic sufferers of acne with severe symptoms of pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. In the past, physicians have used Accutane to treat cancer patients. Now, the drug is used primarily for acne and has earned manufacturer Hoffman-LaRoche $1.2 billion in sales annually.

Minnesota Accutane Lawyer

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Mississippi Accutane Lawyers

Accutane, a popular drug used to treat severe acne, works by inhibiting oil glands throughout the body. This can produce a lack of moisture not only on the skin, but on other regions of the body as well. Accutane brought in over 1.2 billion dollars in annual sales for pharmaceutical giant and Accutane manufacturer Hoffman-LaRoche. Accutane was initially prescribed to patients that suffered from severe acne.

Missouri Accutane Lawyer

Accutane is a popular drug used to treat severe acne. Accutane works by inhibiting oil glands throughout the patient, which dries out the skin and other parts of the body. It was brought to the market by Hoffman-LaRoche and produces over 1.2 billion dollars in annual sales. Accutane is recommended for people with severe acne, but due to its quick and effective results, many doctors have prescribed it for milder conditions, which typically do not require the drug. Accutane has been associated with many side effects.

Montana Accutane Lawyer

Accutane is an artificial, Vitamin A like drug created to treat severe acne. It proved to be both rapid and very effective in clearing up skin, with results demonstrated in only a matter of months. Working like an oil gland inhibitor, it also stymied cell reproduction and growth, depleting the skin, and various other parts of the body, of moisture.

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Nebraska Accutane Lawyer

Accutane is an artificial Vitamin A drug commonly prescribed for curing extreme cases of acne. Although Accutane provides quick and effective acne treatment, many patients who have used this drug have complained of numerous side effects and health risks. Noted health concerns such as birth defects, aggressive behavior, stroke, heart attack, vision problems, bone loss, anaphylaxis, seizures, psychosis, and liver damage, are just a few examples of Accutane side effects that patients have complained of.

Nevada Accutane Lawyer

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  • Henderson
  • Reno
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New Hampshire Accutane Lawyer

Accutane was a drug to treat severe acne that was introduced in 1982, and roughly thirteen million people are reported to have taken this drug. In 2009, Hoffman-LaRoche discontinued the manufacturing of the drug, claiming profit losses due to the cheaper generic brands on the market.

New Jersey Accutane Lawyer

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New Mexico Accutane Lawyer

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New York Accutane Lawyer

Accutane, a Vitamin A retinoid orally ingested drug, was developed by Hoffman-LaRoche for the treatment of severe acne conditions. Because it was very effective in treating outbreaks in a matter of three to four months, it was widely prescribed and used by many with excellent results. It served to alleviate the acne outbreaks for as long as two years when it often became necessary to start its use again. Even for less severe acne conditions, the Accutane treatment was also prescribed for much milder conditions so the numbers of people who have used the drug is in the tens of millions.

North Carolina Accutane Lawyer

Accutane is a vitamin A synthetic drug usually prescribed for the fast and effective treatment of severe acne. The side effects and health risks associated to this drug, however, far exceed its benefits. For example, back and joint pain, suicidal tendencies, birth defects, weakened skin, bone loss, and lowered white blood cell count, are just some of the many issues that users of this drug have suffered from.

North Dakota Accutane Lawyer

Accutane was developed by Hoffman-LaRoche and has generated 1.2 billion dollars in sales annually since it was introduced to the market. Accutane was a popular medication used to treat severe cases of acne, by slowing or stopping the action of oil glands throughout the body. By stopping the production of oil in the body’s oil glands, Accutane dries out not only the skin but other parts of the body as well.

Ohio Accutane Lawyer

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Oklahoma Accutane Lawyer

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  • Norman
  • Lawton
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  • Midwest City
  • Moore
  • Enid
  • Stillwater
Oregon Accutane Lawyer

Individuals suffering from severe acne may have been prescribed Accutane to alleviate the associated symptoms. Prior to becoming an acne medication, Accutane was used as a chemotherapy treatment for cancer patients. Hoffman-LaRoche is the manufacturer of the popular drug, having earned $1.2 billion in revenue from Accutane production annually.

Pennsylvania Accutane Lawyer

The timeliness of bringing about a lawsuit in a liability case is essential due to the statute of limitations that governs the length of time an individual has to file such a suit. The Pennsylvania statute of limitations regarding liability cases, such as with the prescription medication Accutane, is basically a deadline that must be met when seeking compensation for such cases. In the event that suit is not filed in a timely manner, there is a possibility of forfeiting the right to bring the suit to court.

Rhode Island Accutane Lawyer

Sufferers of acne may receive a prescription from doctors for the popular drug by the name of Accutane. This drug alleviates common symptoms related to pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. Some doctors and oncologists have prescribed or used Accutane in chemotherapy treatments. Each year, Accutane raises nearly $1.2 billion in revenue for its company, Hoffman La Roche

South Carolina Accutane Lawyer

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Accutane Litigation in these Cities and Others:

  • Columbia
  • Charleston
  • North Charleston
  • Rock Hill
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  • Hilton Head Island
South Dakota Accutane Lawyer

Doctors use Accutane to treat patients with the worst cases of acne. Accutane is a very powerful drug, and as such patients must have already tried other acne treatments without success before starting to use Accutane. This prescription drug makes the oil glands in the body not make so much oil, eliminating acne. Accutane is an astoundingly effective medicine that clears up the most terrible, stubborn cases of acne within three to six months of beginning the medication. What’s more, when the acne heals, the patient quits taking Accutane and the acne never comes back.

Tennessee Accutane Lawyer

Accutane was originally developed for the treatment of acne. Accutane acted on the oil gland as a synthetic form of vitamin A, inhibiting oil production. However, in addition to controlling the oil gland, Accutane also inhibits cell growth and reproduction, depleting the entire body (not just skin) of moisture. Originally prescribed for only extreme cases of acne, Accutane proved to be an effective acne treatment, clearing the skin in a short period of time. The drug became widely prescribed to even milder cases of acne, exposing many to side effects.

Texas Accutane Lawyer

Accutane, a synthetic derivative of vitamin A, manufactured and distributed by Hoffman La Roche for acne and other skin eruptions, was an effective deterrent to outbreaks due to its ability to reduce the size of sebaceous glands that cause the skin conditions.

Utah Accutane Lawyer

Accutane, developed by Hoffman-LaRoche, is a Vitamin A synthetic drug used to treat severe acne. It quickly and effectively clears skin by working as an oil gland inhibitor. As such, it also slows cell reproduction and growth and therefore depletes the skin–and other parts of the body–of moisture.

Vermont Accutane Lawyer

Accutane was a drug to treat severe acne that was introduced in 1982, and roughly thirteen million people are reported to have taken this drug. In 2009, Hoffman-LaRoche discontinued the manufacturing of the drug, claiming profit losses due to the cheaper generic brands on the market.

Virginia Accutane Lawyer

Physicians often prescribe the prescription drug, Accutane to chronic sufferers of acne. Common symptoms of chronic acne sufferers include blackheads, pimples, and whiteheads. Prior to physicians prescribing Accutane for acne use, the drug was used in chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients. Physicians now primarily prescribe Accutane for the use of severe acne. Hoffman-LaRoche, the producer of Accutane, earns nearly $1.2 billion each year. This amount represents the revenue Accutane generates each year.

Washington Accutane Lawyer

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West Virginia Accutane Lawyer

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Wisconsin Accutane Lawyer

Severe acne sufferers may have been prescribed Accutane by a physician for relief from acne symptoms. Some of the symptoms include pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. Prior to its use in acne treatments, Accutane was used in chemotherapy treatments for those afflicted with cancer. Currently, Accutane is used primarily for treatment of chronic acne. The popular drug has earned its producer, Hoffman-LaRoche nearly $1.2 billion in sales each year.

Accutane Lawsuit

Accutane, also known as isotretinoin or roaccutane, is considered a miracle drug by some dermatologists. It was first developed as a chemotherapy drug until it was revealed that it could also dramatically clear up troubled skin.

Dermatologists won’t prescribe Accutane lightly. It is usually a last resort after other antibiotics and topical treatments have been used, and the patient still suffers from severe scarring acne. Accutane can provide great benefits in battling severe acne, however numerous serious side effects have been reported against the medication.

Accutane has been very profitable for the pharmaceutical giant Hoffman-LaRoche since the drug was approved by the FDA in 1982. However, concern over alleged serious side effects has reversed that trend.

Mild to Medium Side Effects

  • Headaches
  • Chapped lips
  • Dry skin
  • Dry eyes
  • Thinning hair
  • Dry nasal passages/nosebleeds

Serious Side Effects

  • If Accutane was used while pregnant, miscarriage, birth defects, premature births, and deaths in babies
  • Depression, suicide attempts, suicide
  • Hepatitis and liver damage
  • Auto accident attorney
  • Inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s Disease, and rectal bleeding
  • Spontaneous osteoporosis, decrease in bone density, bone fractures, delay in healing of bone fractures, and muscle weakness
  • Decreased night vision
  • Temporary or permanent hearing loss
  • Temporary high cholesterol
  • Severe allergic reaction

FDA Response

The FDA instituted programs informing patients of the risks if they chose to use Accutane. In addition to a detailed warning brochure, the FDA requires all patients to sign a consent form. There have also been a sequence of programs put in place in an attempt to protect pregnant women, but those have so far failed to reduce the number of birth defects. In 2002, 20 years after the drug was first approved, Roche began the SMART program (System to Manage Accutane-Related Teratogenicity) but it was not very effective in preventing birth related side effects. It was replaced on December 31, 2005 by the FDA’s iPledge program. This program requires doctors, patients, and pharmacies to register with iPledge to prescribe, use, or fill prescriptions for Accutane or any other forms of the chemical.

Legal Consultation

If you or a family member has suffered from any of the birth related complications from prenatal Accutane exposure or any of the other side effects listed, please Click here to determine if you are eligible to file a lawsuit. It’s important to have representation that is experienced with Accutane claims. After all, you can be assured that Roche’s lawyers will be experts in the matter.

Accutane and Rectal Bleeding

Accutane, also known by the generic name Isotretinoin, is a medication generally prescribed to reduce or fully exterminate acne. Isotretinoin is a derivative of vitamin A (classifying it as a retinoid) which is found to decrease production of sebum, an oily and waxy substance made up of the remnants of dead cells that, at one time, produced fat. This means sebum is mostly made up of fat, dead skin cells, or bacteria, which causes acne to develop on skin surfaces. Sebum has also been found to cause oily hair and increased quantities of earwax. Reducing sebum production has been successful in the attempt to thwart acne, however, the amount required is referred to as a “toxic” dose of vitamin A and results in some severe side effects.

Manufacturer Liability

Several grievances have been filed regarding complications of health, resulting in a large number of changes made over time to the warning label on the medication. As per federal law the producer of a prescription drug is required to reflect any serious and proven risks to one’s health as a result of being prescribed to their product. Accutane’s manufacturers, Hoffman-La Roche, have now been required to list on Accutane’s warning label the risk of inflammatory bowel disease in patients who previously had no history of intestinal disorders.

IBD and Rectal Bleeding

Inflammatory bowel disease can cause abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, and rectal bleeding. Rectal bleeding (medical name: hematochezia) is a severe symptom of several potential health complications and a well documented sign of the early stages of rectal cancer, therefore the occurrence of rectal bleeding is of particular concern to most individuals.

Causes of Rectal Bleeding

Many conditions can result in rectal bleeding. The conditions most often found to be the cause include inflammatory bowel syndrome, anal fissures, hemorrhoids, colon or rectal cancer, diverticulosis, ulcerative colitis, ulcerative proctitis, Crohn’s colitis, infectious colitis, ischemic colitis, and Meckel’s diverticula. Rectal bleeding varies in severity and amount of blood loss, and some of the more serious cases result in heavy amounts of blood loss which leads to fatigue, dizziness, low blood pressure, shock, and occasionally a severe drop in blood pressure when moving from sitting to standing positions known as orthostatic hypotension. Rectal bleeding in any stage of severity has also been documented to cause severe stomach pains and painful bowel movements.

FDA Regulations and Requirements

Federal law indicates that reporting side effects from prescription medication is on a voluntary basis. The high quantity of reports indicating inflammatory bowel syndrome resulted in the warning label classification, and are seen as a clear indicator of the tie between Accutane and rectal bleeding. It has been advised through many outlets to discontinue use of Accutane at the first sign of abdominal discomfort, severe diarrhea or rectal bleeding, and it is also frequently noted that there is a serious possibility of legal recourse as a result of these symptoms. Federal way injury lawyer can give you the information you need and advocacy you deserve.

Accutane and Liver Failure

Accutane is a prescription medication often reserved for the most severe cases of acne, but the troubling side effects have recently been proven to be very detrimental to the health of the patients relying on the medicine. The possibility of liver failure is a primary concern of individuals that have been taking the medication for a lengthy period of time. Patients that are currently using Accutane or have previously used the medication need to be aware of the potential warning signs of liver failure.

Cirrhosis of the Liver

Many medications have been proven to cause some type of liver damage, and the result is the buildup of scar tissue on the inner linings of the organ. Cirrhosis of the liver occurs when the scar tissue that is being built up gradually replaces the healthy tissue. The liver has an important role within the human body and serves as a filter to all foreign materials and substances. Even normal nutrients and mild toxins can prove to be deadly if they are not adequately filtered by the liver, so repeated damage often leads to liver failure. Cirrhosis can also be associated with serious illnesses such as Hepatitis, so it is necessary to consider the warning signs in order to detect a possible cause of the damage to the liver as quickly as able.

Symptoms of Liver Damage

Some of the warning signs of liver damage can include nausea, vomiting, sudden weight loss, rapid weight gain, dehydration, changes in appetite, and diarrhea. Many patients don’t seek medical treatment in time because they mistake the symptoms that they are experiencing for a mild illness or flu. By the time a patient seeks medical attention, the damage to the liver may already be severe enough to lead to liver failure. Some patients are not concerned with the early warning signs because their physician has advised them that Accutane itself can cause nausea. Several indicators of impending liver failure are more severe and may not manifest themselves until a significant amount of damage has already been done. These signs include severe swelling or retention of fluids, jaundicing, changes in mental status or confusion, and abdominal problems.

Dealing with Liver Failure

Once liver failure occurs, it cannot be treated or reversed and the only acceptable way to remedy such permanent damage is for the patient to receive an organ transplant. If liver damage is detected prior to complete liver failure, patients have a much stronger prognosis and can often be treated. Patients currently on Accutane should have frequent blood work processed to check for increased liver enzyme levels. Patients that have taken Accutane in the past should also have a comprehensive metabolic panel completed to rule out any possible liver damage.

Legal Consequences

Multiple lawsuits have already been filed by Wrongful death lawyer in Newport Beach against Roche Pharmaceuticals, who are the creators and manufacturers of Accutane. Because the serious side effects and detriments are not limited to liver failure, patients need to be aware that the medication can also cause other illnesses and conditions such as Crohn’s disease, colitis, severe depression, suicide, and others.

Accutane and Colon Removal

Accutane is a prescription medication that is utilized in the treatment of acne, primarily in adolescent patients. It is usually prescribed when an acne condition does respond to other medications or antibiotics. The brand names for Accutane include: Accutane, Amnesteem, Sotret, and Claravis. New Jersey-based Hoffman-La Roche Inc. is the drug’s manufacturer. This medication is a form of vitamin A and causes a reduction in the amount of oil that a patient’s glands release. This causes the skin to renew itself in a rapid fashion.

Accutane Side Effects

Accutane has been scrutinized by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its numerous side effects. These side effects range from mild to severe. Some of the side effects associated with this medication are pain in the bowels, chest, or stomach. The pain may be an indication that there is damage to the body’s organs that may not dissipate, even though the medication has been discontinued. Additional symptoms that may be a sign of abdominal issues are swallowing that has become difficult or painful, heartburn that has developed or increased, and diarrhea. Other symptoms include bleeding from the rectum, darker urine, and the skin or eyes take on a yellow color.
Just one dose of Accutane can lead to severe birth defects. It can have an effect on the baby’s heart, brain, eye, ears, and numerous other areas of their body.

Psychological Side Effects

There are also neurological and psychiatric issues that are linked to Accutane. Some of the Neurological effects are dizziness, stroke, headaches, lethargy, and insomnia. Psychiatric side effects may include suicide, suicidal thoughts or attempts, depression, and psychosis.

Ulcerative Colitis

The drug has been linked to various chronic conditions that involve damaging effects on the gastrointestinal tract. One of these conditions is ulcerative colitis. Someone with ulcerative colitis, has chronic inflammation in their digestive tract, and ulcers are present on the lining of their large intestine and their rectum. Some users reported immediate symptoms and others developed the conditions months or years after using the drug.

There are complications that can occur in severe cases of ulcerative colitis that include shock, a colon that ruptures, and heavy bleeding. If is possible for death to occur if it is spread through the whole colon. Experiencing repeated inflammation attacks can lead to scar tissue on the rectum and the intestine wall may thicken.

Colon Removal

The majority of ulcerative colitis cases that are in advanced form, require expensive surgical procedures and extended stays in the hospital. It could require that all of the colon and the rectum be removed. After removal, some patients might be required to have an ileoostomy. In this procedure, an opening is surgically made on the wall of the abdomen. The bowels can then remove intestinal waste into an ostomy pouch that collects it.

Symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis

Some symptoms of ulcerative colitis are pain or gurgling noise in the abdomen and difficulty with bowel movements, even though the urge is felt. Other symptoms are fever, rectal pain or bleeding, loss of weight, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Accutane Lawsuits

Hoffman-La Roche Inc. has had hundreds of lawsuits filed against them alleging that Accutane usage has led to conditions such as Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD), and other related issues. In 2008, a woman was awarded 10.5 million dollars because the company failed to give warnings of chronic and dangerous side effects. At 14, she developed ulcerative colitis and her colon was taken out. She now suffers with chronic diarrhea. In another case in 2010, a gentleman received a settlement of 25.16 million dollars from the company because they failed to warn of the bowel disease risks associated with Accutane. He endured 5 operations and his colon was removed.

Many conditions can be attributed to Accutane, but colon removal is the most severe. It causes extreme pain and a debilitating lifestyle. After many procedures, symptoms may persist for a lifetime.

Accutane and Colon Cancer

Accutane is a prescription medication commonly prescribed for patients who have a serious or stubborn acne condition, considered moderate to severe by the consulting physician. It is usually not the first line of action, but is tried after the acne has shown to be resistant to other treatments. Although there are generic forms of the drug, there is no over-the-counter version. It must be obtained by a prescription from a physician, and must be taken in the prescribed dosage. The drug works by reducing sebaceous glands, thus slowing production of oil production, by reducing inflammation, by killing bacteria deep in the skin tissues, and by decreasing the cell build-up that causes blackheads and whiteheads. The benefits are long-lasting, but not permanent. Accutane is a treatment, not a cure.

Accutane Side Effects

One reason that Accutane is not the first drug of choice is because it does have several serious side effects. One very grave side effect of Accutane is the possibility of birth defects, so it should never be prescribed for, or taken by, a pregnant woman. Other side effects include hair thinning and loss, severe skin dryness and thinning, eczema, brittle nails, fatigue, muscle pain, headache, menstrual problems, increased sensitivity to sunlight, gastrointestinal problems, and skin infections and conditions such as impetigo. The gastrointestinal problems include diarrhea, rectal bleeding and inflammatory bowel disease.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

There are many instances of Accutane patients developing inflammatory bowel disease, even among those who have had no prior history of intestinal disorders. Even after Accutane treatment has been discontinued, the symptoms persist in many patients. Any Accutane patient who experiences rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, or severe diarrhea should stop taking the drug immediately and contact his/her physician. IBD is a serious condition in itself, but has also been shown to have a high correlation with incidences of colon cancer.

Causes of Colon Cancer

Accutane has been shown to cause IBD, and IBD can lead to colon cancer. People with this inflammatory bowel disease have a much higher risk of colon cancer than those in the general population. Although there are many causes of rectal bleeding, this link between Accutane and colon cancer makes it imperative that any patient with a history of taking Accutane and having rectal bleeding needs to be proactive and get checked by their doctor.

Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer causes rectal bleeding due to the polyps which form on the interior surface of the colon. Polyps start out as small benign growths. However, when they have grown larger in size, they can bleed. Many polyps remain benign, but other types turn into cancer. When diagnosed early, colon cancer is easily treatable, and usually curable. Surgical removal of the polyps is the main treatment at this stage.

As the cancer progresses, cells can invade adjacent body tissues. They can also break off and migrate to other parts of the body such as the liver and the lungs, causing polyps and tumors there also. At this stage, colon cancer is usually treated with radiation and chemotherapy as well as surgery, and is less curable.

Although colon cancer is more common in people over 50 years of age, it does occur in younger people also. Since those who use Accutane are primarily young people, this link could affect the numbers of people under thirty who develop colon cancer.